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Welcome to Short Term Accommodation Melbourne

You might wonder, "Why would I do that?" Here are a few good reasons for a Sort Accommodation Melbourne

Short Term Accommodation Melbourne

Melbourne short term accommodations are hand-picked depending on area comfort, size, and excellence.

Elegant, Nicely Furnished and Perfectly Located.

We present stay for visitors on corporation or vacations. Regardless of whether visitors are there for three days, a couple of weeks or even a year, we offer luxuries of living in the hotel while keeping the amenities of life at your home.

We are the perfect holiday accommodation for people who are seeking a relaxing vacation. Our rooms are well suited for friends and relatives on vacation and searching for short term accommodation in Melbourne.

Along with facilities out there including a kitchen as well as laundry support, onsite car parking our focus is to make a little luxurious holiday or extended home overseas.

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Pleasure yourself to a huge luxury and comfort, We believe a vacation is the best option to refresh yourself and get in touch with your friends and family. In contrast to other stays, we go through the ‘extras’ needs

We are Situated within minutes of the CBD. Have a walk around the city, check out the views and enjoy the beauty, and then come back to your luxurious room where your king-size bed is waiting.

Our company focus on making sure that you depart with a feeling of re-energized and all set to go back into reality.

Apartment Includes:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Excellent Furnishings
  • Free Safe Parking
  • Dining room & Living area
  • Business Services - Faxing
  • Private Patio
  • LCD Television
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Microwave oven
  • Baggage Storage space
  • Completely Furnished
  • Commonplace CCTV
  • Thoroughly Furnished Kitchen
  • Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Private Telephone & Table
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
  • Safe Building Swipe Key Access
  • Regular Maintenance

We offer a variety of options starting from one, two as well as three bedrooms for rent. We provide our customers lavish stay in Melbourne.

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Melbourne accommodations

Why Choose us?

  • The best of Melbourne is at your doorstep
  • Our properties are situated around the city and surrounding suburbs, so whatever is the reason for your stay, you will get the best location.
  • Large & independent residence
  • Compared with standard hotels, We offer full-sized and full-featured residences that have individual living areas, dining room and balconies.
  • Detailed kitchens & laundries
  • Not any small kitchenettes, no need to visit any laundromat; But we come with an oven, microwave, gas cook top, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washer and dryer.
  • Entry to amenities & services.
  • All premises have free high-speed Wi-fi. Admission to an indoor pool area, gym along with sports area is free, and parking area..

Categories of accommodations:

Studio Apartment

Our thoroughly furnished studio are available in a range of locations around the city and prime suburbs.Our studio offers you quick access to public transport for convenient visit other areas. Some have patio offering outstanding views, while others give the comfort and satisfaction to stay in the best place.These studios provide all you need to prepare your foods, but you'll of course never find yourself away from famous cafes and eateries.

Options that come with Studio:

  • Thoroughly furnished with TV & DVD player
  • Singles or even king size beds
  • Near to public transport
  • Many studios with the city/beach sights
  • Short & long-term rentals available
  • Studios pleasantly sleep 1 - 2 persons
  • Well suited for two associates or one wife and husband

One Bedroom Apartments

This offer separate living areas and rooms for the perfect home setting.This is offered in a range of locations around central Melbourne and the Suburbs. All provide luxurious furniture, TV and quick access to trains and buses to reach every the part of the city quickly. All are near to the right cafes and eateries to connect with friends and have an easy meal.

At ease, they sleep 1 - 2 persons, which makes it suitable for one single or two people / one couple. These are primarily well-liked by business clients and professional people seeking out adaptable accommodation at an affordable price.

One Bedroom Features

  • Fully equipped with TV & DVD player
  • Completely equipped kitchen areas
  • Double or Twin layouts
  • King Size or single beds
  • Sleeps 1-2 person

Two Bedroom Apartments

These are large and thoroughly furnished. All provide separate living room and common living rooms accessible in areas around the city. Each one is perfectly furnished and simple admittance to public transport. A lot of also enable you to take pleasure in great views of the city or beach off their balconies. However, balcony provided or not; all are near to terrific restaurants and cafes.

This can easily sleep around four people, which makes it an excellent option for a small group of friends, students or couples to share. Though there are a variety of offers, almost always there is a two-bed apartment to match any budget.

Two Bedroom Apartments Includes

  • Furnished along with TV & DVD player
  • Singles or King size beds
  • Double or twin layouts
  • Sleeps up to 4 persons

Three Bedroom Apartments

We come with three bedroom apartments suitable for those planning to stay close to the centre of city or beach. If you want to be close to excellent cafes and bars, in that case, these are perfect.They have luxurious furniture, and accessible entrance to public transport for the purpose of quickly getting around. In addition to large areas and features, each residence offers a pleasant living situation along with social living areas and private room areas. Make your trip in Melbourne a remarkable one with an excellent one.

they allow sleep to six people in comfort, which makes it perfect for couples or even a large number of friends or scholars looking to share a place in or close to the city.

Qualities of Three Bedroom Apartments

  • Fully furnished
  • king size or single beds
  • double or twin layout
  • Sleep up to six people

Five Bedroom Apartments and Porch Houses

By having our this outstanding apartment, the best living standard is a reality for the people wishing to stay near to the city or close to the beach. However, if you're a family or even a group of friends that enjoy for being near to fantastic pubs and bars then simply these are only for you. All have luxurious furniture, as well as simple access to trains and buses. With huge layouts to please each and every renter, you will appreciate that even living with a group won't ever make you feel crowded or congested.

This apartment along with terrace houses sleep around Ten people comfortably and they are an excellent option for couples, a large gang of friends or scholars searching for a location to call home in Melbourne.

Qualities of the Five Bedroom Apartments

  • Fully furnished
  • king size or single beds
  • double or twin layout
  • Sleep up to ten people
  • Live near to City or beach

Some other Short Term Accommodation Types

We offer short term accommodation in Melbourne at an excellent range of well-appointed, designed apartments. Fully equipped with bed furniture, linen and modern equipment. Suitable for international students, business people and travellers, You can select from the various varieties of accommodation out there such as studio and also single apartments to large share options which have a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Few other accommodation types are listed here to match your stay.

  • City Apartment
  • Student Apartment
  • Executive Apartment
  • Serviced Apartment
  • Beach Apartment

Whether you're travelling, studying or on the working getaway, select most affordable short term accommodation in Melbourne from Melbourne short term accommodation.

Short Term Accommodation Melbourne Short Term Accommodation Melbourne Short Term Accommodation Melbourne Short Term Accommodation Melbourne Short Term Accommodation Melbourne Short Term Accommodation Melbourne Short Term Accommodation Melbourne Short Term Accommodation Melbourne
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